The Infamous & Obligatory: What’s In my Bag/Handbag Post or whatever you call it

Today i thought of posting something other than 365’s & this is what i came up with…don’t worry though the random stuff i post will be personal & original stuff of mine. i just wanted to do this when i started tumblr although i got quite lazy back then. Anyway here it is~



  • First things First – My Blue Heartstring Messenger slash Handbag. Quite handy since it can be a messenger bag if i want to or a handbag. though i always use it as a handbag type because of pickpockets.
  • Pink Umbrella,for rainy days & overly exposed uv rays of course. i think it’s a two tone umbrella.
  • Pink coin purse or pochi coin purse,it’s cute & rubbery~ safe for storing coins 😉
  • School I.d – I should always have it with me at all times.
  • Pink Hanky
  • Etude House BB cream 
  • Bench Oh My George Perfume
  • Johnson & Johnson baby powder for when i don’t like putting face powder
  • Green Cross Sanitizer – because my prof in bio said that alcohol is bad when you use it,i it’s strawberry scented. ❤
  • Hair Treats Hair Shine – For when my hair goes with whatever it feels like it & makes me look haggard,this always fix it.
  • Tissue
  • Hair Brush
  • Mini Cat Notebook – For when i don’t feel like bringing a normal size notebook.
  • Pouch that became my wallet – I hate purses or wallets! it’s big and chunky and it gets fat when you put too much stuff in it! plus this little thingy is also my make up kit 😉
  •  My Cute Rillakumma Pencil Case
  • My Phone with rillakumma casing 
  • Lastly,my IPod




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