I’am A House by (c) thelovelyartist.wordpress.com

I’am a house that stood tall and strong

was made by men who worked all day long

i was made to brave the harsh seasons

i braved the hot summer day

i braved the heavy,thunderous rain that would almost flood me

i would brave the harsh wind and severe cold weather

but even so,i stood strong

I have been burned down by careless people,renovated then burned down again 

but still i stood strong

one day i was renovated 

a family of four lived in me

i witness the family grow beyond their years

I see the eldest daughter that was once held by her mother 

that once when she was in a rebellious age,had gone and ran away with a boy she loved 

but then returned years later with a baby in hand and aged but she look just like her mother

just as beautiful and caring 

then she decided to move out and start anew

i saw how the little boy who was once a little rug rat running around

and years later was once heartbroken by a girl he loves

now he is married with a children of two 

i saw how the parents age

they work day and night

stressed and would always fight

but you can clearly see the love between them

as they age,i age as well

there are several cracks on part of me,

when it rains,it goes through me so it leaks the house

the wallpapers have been stripped off,

the paint on me have been fading as the years go by

the parents do nothing to me

I’am a house that stood strong and tall

i see the parents in their beds,

the children are returning,

but there is a person with them dressed in white coat

ever since that person came,

the children secretly wept everyday 

they smile in front of their parents but weep when they had to leave home

one stormy day

the parents had passed away

the children wept and wept 

and i was left abandoned


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