A Place Where I Would Love to Stay


How many times have you told yourself that you were born in the wrong country? I told myself that alot of times ever since i started watching anime.

i had fascinations with anime i would watch it everyday when i was a child,i was so amused on anime and even asked my dad how do characters like that move? or was it even real? i got disappointed when he said that it was drawn by people disappointed yet hopeful because i thought i could draw and make my own anime like that too! one of the reasons why i liked drawing.

I remember back then my favorite anime was Sailor Moon (Reasons why my drawings look so old-school-anime-style and i can’t modernize it!) ,i’d copy their transformations and stuff then i’d cosplay around my cousin’s house with a traditional chinese dress because that was the only thing i found appropriate for a dress up.


There’s a lot of things to love about Japan,

The Culture






Adverts with anime characters on them or food packaging that are cute with anime





(even this girl is all pose-y and she’s just drinking!)


tumblr_mg2dripm4h1qiarxko1_500_large tumblr_lcva3n8DJq1qdx0m4o1_500_large

©Adrian Tan

(Cosplaying is,i guess part of their culture now since Anime originated in Japan.)


(yeah i would be freaked out too if i saw them)

The Picturesque Places



The scenic view.



Not to mention their island is also acting Kawaii


It’s impossible for me to have a 3 day vacation there or even a week with all it’s glory and awesomeness, i guess it’d take me about 6 months to have a vacation there? (YES I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY BUCKET LIST INVOLVING JAPAN AND SEIZE IT.)

Why 6 months?

1.Iwould like to try the school uniforms and roam around tokyo wearing them

2. I would want to visit every japanese festival there is as much as i can

3. I’d like to visit beaches like osaka

there’s so many things to do there and a 3 day vacation is definitely not enough for me!

I would like to dance around the cherry blossoms and stare at them in awe *like in anime’s! *i’m so dramatic i know.


See you someday soon Japan,soon. tumblr_m9gcttgdYF1qzckow tumblr_m9gcuhiQl11qzckow tumblr_m9gcvqToXY1qzckow

(c)Pics are not mine


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