My Real Life Tom (from 500 days of summer)


I remember those days when i used to wear my hair long with blunt bangs,i sometimes hated it when i tie it up because i would look old school but you liked it.

We grew closer as we typed with sang me the songs that we liked. i loved it when you sing, your voice was my favorite tune.

We harmonize each other and listen to the same music.

You treated me as special like i was a muse but i never sang for you.

You think that you’re a wallflower but no matter what you did to blend in you always stood out. the extrovert,the guy everyone liked.

Your smile would light up a room and it reminded me of a child,innocent and carefree.

When you were there i’d hang out with you and i always want to,like the rain i always want to hear your voice and the feel of your presence.

As the attraction was mutual everything was getting better,

People cheered but i played my own little charade while my thoughts scrambled and things began to break.

I grew distant and i was blunt with my words but you knew me and handled them perfectly.I knew you didn’t want to break me because you treated me as a fragile flower.

Everyday i would put a maze around you,i wanted you to find me,i wanted to know if you really cared and just speak to me even though were emotionally miles apart.

I hate when you found your Autumn and i hated it when she left you.

Because i wanted your happiness first,even though i wasn’t a part of it.

I would always say there’s gonna be Spring & Winter.

At times you drifted away but i knew where to find you.

As i got to know more about you like days would go by,i found out you like wasting time to create your perfect art.

Sometimes the days we spent were like a dream because you grew cold and distant,

like pages in a book that was spilled with coffee but i still want to read it.

Even when you grew cold i knew everything about you and you knew everything about me,even though we never told stories to each other we hear them from whispers.

A glimpse of you made my day,on days when we caught each other’s eyes i shyed away.

I try to stop the feelings but it was always there, seeing you,the thought of you my heart would race and i tried to hid it away

We should have been together but fate told us otherwise

I don’t know if i’m the right girl or the wrong one all i know is i want to be with you maybe not today,maybe not tomorrow maybe someday or maybe in the next life.

Til now let’s just fall in love with someone.

Just not each other.



(c)image is not mine


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