My Opinion on KPOP Sub Groups

I think sub groups is where an agency link up compatible members of the group or members who have awesome chemistry together thus leaving the other members be like “meh”.


T-ara’s N4

After the kick out of Hwayoung how utterly mean can they be making a sub group and leaving 2 other members? oh Queen Bitches reigns in t-ara,poor future T-ara members Dani & Aerum they might suffer the same fate as Hwayoung. Not Aerum though,as i read some nasty post about her on allkpop she might survive? I think any girl who is joining T-ara needs to have guts and bones to put up with these girls.

Eunjung T-ara cute dancing GIF (4)



Because of Infamous hyun-ah’s busy schedule as she is the most popular idol on 4 minute, the group cannot work without her. i guess the agency noticed that 4 minute is diving into the deep seas so as to make 4 minute not look like it’s actually going downhill because of hyun-ah they made a sub group 2yoon which composes of Gayoon & Jiyoon and debuted with a song 24/7 from their album “Harvest Moon” dunno if they got the name from the game Harvest moon from playstation which is my fave~

The song is catchy and has a country vibe to it and made them stand out plus they both have a great sense of taste in fashion & they are adorable. kudos 2 yoon!~



I think their agency thought,Hyorin has a really great voice and Bora is pretty sexy why not make a sexy sub group for Sistar to attract foreigners? since “sex sells” in the entertainment industry they went with it i guess and released a song Ma Boy where Hyorin and Bora dance to the chorus with a simple yet sexy dance that captivated world wide audiences.


Need i say more?




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