Photo Dump Day 145-155

My Other 365 day pics are on my lost iphone *sob *sob tumblr_m9gcuhiQl11qzckowtumblr_inline_mgzk86piRL1rxsw83 i swear damn him to death! and damn apple to death! why the hell would they make a find my iphone app if it only works with internet! blackberry app tracker is more useful than this! oh my god! i’m considering on transferring to android now. *SIGH fail fail fail marketing apple! tumblr_inline_mjs08p51wl1qdlkyg


Anyway~ tumblr_m9gcke9CKA1qzckow

in the coming weeks i might not post some pics of 365. i feel so depressed~ tumblr_m9gcuhiQl11qzckowoh the money just gone down the drain!!!!

don’t mind my rants now.


My boyfriend made me go with his friends to an overnight since i was very depressed and really didn’t want any company with me,that’s just how i’am.he persistantly wanted me to go though,he said that nothing will happen if i just stare at the wall or do nothing just for a lost iphone. so i decided to go.

photo (9)


The huskies that surprised me at his friend’s house! they’re so flaffy and kyot!tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp I want one! i wish they’d just be forever little though!



Isn’t he adorbs? tumblr_inline_mm2wb67mxJ1qz4rgp




Went bowling and for a first time player i had 5 strikes! beginner’s luck! i managed to let my team win at the second round hohoho! tumblr_m4i9clAQzc1qdlkygunfortunately, my butt hurt after i played. tumblr_m9gcke9CKA1qzckow



I tried Red beans with Matcha Green tea,if i’m correct. I dislike~ i don’t like red beans,because they taste like peanuts that are. . .beans. i just don’t like the taste,should’ve followed my intuition & tried the cookie crumble.



The next day we went to hang out at the mall since it was the last day of overnight and wanted to have fun. we planned to go bowling,unfortunately tho,it was crowded because of a competition or something~ so we just went food tripping~



Since i’m back to my ipod touch,my shots are now blurry or pixelated~ i managed to get a picture of the pretty pink sky after exiting the mall though. t’was fun! best boyfriend and friends he has ever! tumblr_inline_miw4x8Aknb1qz4rgp


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