Day 156-160

Have been recently going out this week school is going to start next week and seizing my week to have more fun and relax~

photo 2

Recently,i have been OBSESSED with human heart nature products ever since my boyfriend won a gift certificate & gave it to me. i spent it all on Beauty bar. tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow

I read a review before about human heart nature and most of it are positive so it made me want to try one as well.finding a HHN product is difficult though since it’s not easily available at a local mall thankfully i saw it at Beauty bar in Robinsons Magnolia. What a luck~

photo 1

I went to 168 last sunday,while checking out the stores i bought these cute nail polish~ i was looking for a decent blue nail polish at watson’s but i had no luck so i settled for this one.

oh yeah,i wanted to buy a round sunglasses at a store,they were on display and automatically thought that they were testers so i told my mom that i’m gonna buy a round sunglasses since they got the design i wanted,while i was trying it on this fat chinese lady took the sunglasses away from me and said “if you wanna try it on,you should make sure that you are buying.” okay that was fucking rude! you old hag! i was flabbergasted on why she suddenly took it away, if you put glasses on display at your store it automatically means it’s a fucking tester! how would i buy it if i don’t know it’ll suit me? stupid bitchtumblr_inline_mjs08p51wl1qdlkyg i was so pissed i didn’t buy from her.

this is why i sometimes hate shopping there since the sellers are hot headed or they don’t want you touching their stuff until you buy one.

Before i entered 168 i was so amused that there were old foreigners entering the mall and was lined up, don’t know what is it for though. maybe tourist shopping? plus some people said angel locsin was there,yeah i didn’t see her~


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