I Miss The Old Tumblr~

I’ve been using pinterest a lot these days since it’s more organized,simple and ad-free.

It’s kind of like the old tumblr w/out the boards.

It reminded me of tumblr back in 2010 when i started using it and all i see are pretty pictures,motivational quotes,vintage dresses and the likes. there were definitely no-ads,no wannabe bloggers who want more followers/fame (except for that girl who was on the news or maybe some) and definitely NO REPEATING OF PICTURES.

Back then,everyday when i logged in there i was filled with inspiration because i would always see new pictures that are relaxing,new music,new quotes to make my day. i would always look forward to it when going home from school as it helps me cure my bad day. i was also up to date with celebrities i adore and of course world news. it was an all in one website!

there were definitely less bitchy anons,talking to yourself as an anon and no ADS.

But now it’s like ads EVERYWHERE.

the people who i watched grow their tumblr from unicorn.tumblr.com went to unicorn.com/please click my link, for more same beautiful (stolen) pictures click here (from other websites)

it’s kind of annoying tumblr_inline_mmihn6bvWO1qz4rgp when i reblog these days on tumblr there’s gonna be an annoying link at the bottom that i need to erase when i reblog because i hate it when there’s a stupid link on a beautiful picture.

can you please advertise on your blog not on REBLOGS -____- it’s annoying and it makes you look like a spam!

Before there were also kind people on tumblr and decent tumblr posts,i liked that it was kind of like Narnia *hallelujah hallelujah

but after mtv(*producer of fucked up twats) put an ad about tumblr as usual it was ruined by mtv (*damn you mtv! you’re a music television you friggin trying hard channel!)

I just miss how tumblr was Inpirational back then and not…trashy.

I guess the the old tumblr people moved to pinterest because tumblr was like that too before.


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