Hello Kitty is now in Line Play! i find hello kitty to be overrated but visiting her room is so cute i can’t help it! i wish they used some other sanrio characters though other than her. Dear Line, there’s my melody,banapple and other cute stuff please let them be there not the overrly rated HK.


Another cute game from line that will be included in my next top kawaii apps post!~


My mom glued together some excess foam from our store and made it into a pillow!~


Home made chicken fillet by mom! she was craving for it after she ate mcdonalds the other day of course it’s much more tastier than in mcdonalds.


My midnight snack

photo (4)

Took a picture of this because my prof didnt think that anybody would ever take a digital arts medium for the the competition so he didn’t announce this. i ended up picturing it ohmigawd hate him!

photo (5)

materials for sculpture on my friend’s blackberry i was lazy to write it down so i took a picture of it on my ipod then when i got home and was about to go out and buy one i took a picture of it again from my phone. hoho laziness.

photo (6)

I was gonna register for that facebook game “stardoll”. it had registration problems but this i loyk! Unicornanj oh it knows me so well 😦 we would have been bestfriends if this game didn’t screw up. 😦 lol


bought new sunglasses!!~ finally bought a round sunglasses/cateye or whatever are those called.


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