Cute Kawaii Simulation Games!~

1. Line Cafe

From the makers of Naver Line app (which weirdly naver is a korean word but line app is from japan? lol idk.) comes Line cafe!~ a typical virtual cafe with cute anime like characters that you can dress up! it’s pretty addicting~ (well duh it’s from Line.)

however the downside to it is there are certain items that would cost money to buy if you’re really desperate to dress your character up,for some people like me who doesn’t like to pay for things like that, i’d rather save coins and buy the 50,000 plus dress or wig or something.

basically the game is like those cafe games on facebook only this is a little interactive with other characters which adds some fun~









2.Minion Rush-

Who doesn’t love the minions from despicable me? if you don’t you are Heartless! ( i kid.) tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow

no one can resist this little guys!~ so when i found this app in the apple store i immediately downloaded it!

the game looks like temple run (as all the other new animated movies that has apps) the fun thing about it is it has mini games while you run on the game,i just recently unlocked vector’s mini game. it adds thrill to the boring temple run-ish concept.

you can also choose costumes for your minions as you gain more banana’s cuuuute right???








3. Style Me Girl

A fashion game! not just any dress up game! it has mini games as well and you can have  a photoshoot with your character and your clientelle. there are a wide variety of choices in wigs and outfits that doesn’t require any payment. (finally.)

also you can choose your skintone,lips,face,etc anytime. tumblr_inline_miw4x8Aknb1qz4rgp my heart goes to this game.











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