Heart Skipped A Beat

Hello Guys~ How Are You?

These days it’s been raining a lot lately, it rained 3 straight days here in the philippines and some parts  of the country are in a state of calamity .tumblr_m9gckikmxf1qzckow

Uni cancelled classes and i only have 1 class this week this weather is really unexpected. no i mean really unexpected! tumblr_inline_miw4wvwSFp1qz4rgp it’ll be raining one minute then gone the next then rain again,it’s just. . . a bipolar weather.

I’m neither happy or sad that classes got cancelled due to bad weather at least i got unexpected 4 days of relaxation and i’m just being a really lazy ass pig right now. really, i have one plate due by next week and i’m really slacking off while partially doing my school works (because i’m paranoid like that).

Anyway, just keeping you updated. tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp

Here’s A Lazy Day Outfit Post



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