New Addiction: Chef Noodles

Since my boyfriend and i eat a lot,we explore restaurants around the metro, i’ve decided to post the restaurants we’ve been in. because i noticed that we eat out. . .a lot. so i’m gonna post about our yummy food adventure! please don’t judge as this is my first food reviewww tumblr_me96xanYKH1qdlkyg

Recently, we went to Chef Noodles @ Robinsons Magnolia

My boyfriend saw this while he was eating out with his family.

he said it looked pretty affordable & wanted to try it so he decided to tag me along with him.

Chef’s Noodle is a master franchise of the brand from South Korea with dishes formulated by award winning Korean Chef  Choi In Sun.
photo 2
It’s a shame i didn’t get a picture of the interior since i don’t like taking pictures of restaurants as i’m picture-paranoid in public? lol i must say that the interior made me feel like i’m in a cafe more than a restaurant plus with the coffee prince theme song playing in the background it just feels so homey.
photo 1 (1)
Me: so big, so difficult to choose! where is this,what is this? how do i turn it! 
They’re menu was so huuuge i think restaurants these days are making their menu big. i had a difficult time to choose what to eat, in the end i chose Don Kas (P130).
photo 1
This had a lot of serving, it’s very delicious plus the rice is really good! i think it’s imported here or steamed then put something in it either way they’re rice is the superb!
While my boyfriend ordered, Chef’s Noodle (P150) & Kimbap (P95)
photo 3
Woo! so big,tasty & yummy yet so affordable
This tasted really good! I now like my Kimbap with mayonnaise!
photo (1)
Posting this because it’s amusing, i really wanted to try their desserts!  but my boyfriend introduced me to this Magnolia House also at Robinsons Magnolia so next time desserts, i will devour you.
Anyway, if you want a budget friendly korean food/restaurant, Chef Noodles is the way to go! It’s really affordable!
Next time were planning on trying the P300 combo meals!
photo 3 (1)
I end this post with an Amazing Batman Brownie Ice Cream @ Magnolia House

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