A Day In The Life of a Fine Arts Student

I don’t know if you guys notice in college that your professors will eventually make you go to the GSIS museum or The National Museum of the Philippines. i can’t count on how many times i’ve been there, first was a requirement for my Philippine History subject then, Still Life subject then my Rizal subject. i’m not gonna say that this is going to be the last time i’m going here because whenever i go to museums like this i discover new paintings,artists & their styles. Painting is never my forte though i’m more into Digital Arts not traditional as i really,really suck at it,I’m a frustrated artist.


We were required to go to GSIS Museum for our Rizal subject,i hated myself for not bringing my camera! there were a lot of really good paintings that GSIS had. i think they recently had an art competition and the displays we saw were the contest winners.


This is my favorite painting of them all Entitled:

“Masarap ang Maging Bata Konsumisyon Kapag Tumanda”

by: Eliseo P. Perreras Jr.

A very clever title for the painting as it depicts a nostalgic childhood, the painting was a mix of playfulness & seriousness.

one of the many reasons i love it was because it had a lot of cartoon characters, it’s very colorful & fun.


if i’m not mistaken this is a painting by a UE student from Caloocan, this is very marvelous because of the detailed plastic cover.


This painting is very creative! the canvas was also folded to make it look like a sheet of blanket. i don’t know how he friggin did that but he is awesome!


The one who made this was a friggin monster painter! if you saw this in person, her hair, the colored pastels & everything is extremely detailed that it will make your jaw drop!


One of the most amazing painting in another part of the GSIS museum, do you notice something? πŸ™‚





Our professor said that we should have pictures for proof that we went to the museum, well here it is!



There’s more where that came from!

Bfore we went to another part in the GSIS museum, we were assisted by a staff that insisted us to join another school for a presentation. we were led to a room where a replica of my favorite Juan Luna painting was displayed “The Parisian”.

I forgot the name of the staff but he was very entertaining & bubbly that it was fun to know more about “The Parisian” painting and how it was auctioned and passed onto generation by generation, it’s really interesting.

After that we went to Central Bank of the Philippines to visit the Money Museum, taking pictures were not allowed inside though.

The day was very tiring yet fun, visiting museums makes me really inspired or have an artspiration.

I’m glad that i got to visit again.


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