Less Stress with My Finished Plates

photo 1photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Recently i’ve been crying my ass off because finals is already here & we have tons of plates to do & i’m here just lazing around whining which sucks. (ZOMG!) i have a heap of stuff to do and i’am starting to get lazy which irritates me a lot,i need chocolate!

Anyway These are my Eyebag ridden plates recently for my subject HISTORY OF ARTS

1. My Saint Self Portrait Photo Mosaic made with magazines.

Bow down to the Goddess of Awesomeness Everybody.

2. A Corinthian ancient greek architecture carved on candles.

3. Ionic Carved on soap.

4. Doric Carved on soap as well.

5. I posted that letter on my last post,okay so i’m not good with Old English Letters & it sucks because my other blockamates had a professor before that taught them Old English Lettering & My prof before just taught us simple lettering. it was fun to make it though, i wasted a few parchment paper here & there, so yeah. My prof here also gave me a decent grade, i mean it’s not that bad riighhht?… Okay it is. *cries a river

I had a really fun time making these, i feel that this subject is making us do arts & crafts, it really takes me back in elementary. I’ve kind of admit i also miss making posts about 365 because i always take pictures nowadays, should i take it back?

anyway, i need to be ready for the big wavveee of plates this time so yeah kbyeeee,will blog soon.


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