Fangirling Over Ghibli + Skins Fire (WHYY)

Recently, i have been coping with my depression & forgetfulness because of lack of sleep, sadly i can’t sleep early because i have insomnia due to always doing my plates in the wee hours.

Yep a sob story for a fine arts student like me.

This Image i found is so relevant!

To cure my Bipolarness + Depression, I watched a Ghibli movie which wasGrave of the Firefles and my favorite UK series Skins Fire which was definitely not a good combination!  both shows left me crying my eyes out! (*spoiler alert for skins fire) Naomi why! as usual, Skins is doing it again leaving the ending all up to you.

Then there’s Grave of the fireflies by Ghibli, which inevitably left my poor heart crying *lol this is one of the reason why i was never a fan of ghibli when i was a little kiddo because i usually thought that ghibli movies were a bit sad & the drawing was never to my liking. yes, i had high standards in drawing when it comes to anime before and because of that i’ve never watch a Ghibli movie completely. by completely i mean, i never finish them. I just swift past through them, i was a disney kiddo back then & still am. ❤

Dakota & Elle Fanning As Kiddos!

But now i’m a Ghibli girl. Recently, i was completely surprised when i learned that Lea Salonga, Dakota & Elle Fanning were voice overs on My Neighbor Totoro (Favorite Ghibli Movie Right Now) in english.  They’re sooooo Lucky to have been chosen as the english voice overs for the movie! My respect for them has grown & hello Elle Fanning, a potential girl crush. hihi

What about you guys? what are you favorite ghibli movies? 🙂


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