Instagram Photo Update: OMG ITS SEMBREAK FINALLY!! / October

Finally! our sembreak started! a lot of things has happened despite my busy months with uni, and i admit i miss being busy. weirdly, i’m now used to “doing something”, which is a good thing i guess? i really can’t believe it’s our sembreak though, time flies so fast but we have just 2 weeks of relaxation so it’s not enough, the second week i’ll be going back to school to handle things so yeah, i’ll be thinking about school things again. bummer. on a positive note, i’m seizing my vacation right now that includes watching movies & playing games. i recently watched Gravity. i didn’t really like the movie, especially how the main character is always fucking things up. *spoiler she fucks everything up.

The game i’m addicted to these days is Pottermore and i just finished Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. *yayyyy after months of delaying 3 books i finished them all! *tears of joy. i can’t wait for the next game/book to come out!

Anyway, here are my instagram picture updates!


A sketch of miranda kerr for my TeoArt Subject, i know she’s really difficult to draw but i think i kinda nailed it?

okay i didn’t…


Ate at Chef Noodles again!

this time we ordered the set for 4 people worth P300 and it was super sulit! *u*


A tshirt i printed for our Gra-Arts Subject

Last but not least!

our DIORAMA for my History of arts subject!

We decided to make a Rococo Architecture, heh even Fine Arts students can be Architecture students too. teehee

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

photo 4

photo 5

That was my long winding road of plates, of course it’s not all of it. even though it’s our vacation i still sleep at 3AM. -_-


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