Current Fave Artists: Lorde, 1975, Sam Smith!~

I can’t tell you how many times i played her single “Royals” & “Tennis Court”.

No i literally can’t since i don’t have itunes right now because i formatted my laptop and i’m too lazy to download.

She has the most amazing and mysterious vocals that i adore.

This is my jam! i listen to this every night and i swear the vocalist is like having sex with your ears! i would have said eargasm but i wanted to tell it in a fan girl way. aside from Chocolate, i’am in love with their whole album! Eargasm overload!

This song should have been given to them!

I would have posted the acoustic version of Latch since Sam Smith is just divine on that video, but i wanted to post where i truly fell in love with his voice! Gawd, he is so gorgeous on this video!

Sam Smith’s voice is just smexy!

From what i researched Both 1975 & Sam Smith were heavily influenced by American Culture or Black American Music


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