Sembreak with Ze boys at SPA-A Eastwood

Before sembreak i was badly craving for a massage from all the stress i had with school.  thankfully we planned to try Fish Spa while on our overnight with friends, we’ve never tried it before and it looked interesting. even just a fish spa is okay for me, just something that will pamper myself, so we decided to look on the internet for a spa near Pasig and we found one at Eastwood called SPA-A.

photo 1

When we went in we received a friendly greeting by the staff.

Their Fish Spa Costs P250 for 25 minutes, my guy friends pleaded it to be 30 minutes because of the 5 minute difference and they had a friendly arguement about it for 5 minutes.

So the friendly cashier agreed.

photo 5

I apologize for my huuuge legs xD

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

The photo above is the treatment, we were nervous to dip our feet at first because it looks like they’re gonna eat us. :))

so i let my boyfriend dip his feet first, because of my paranoia/ maarte tendencies. he got very ticklish and all the fishes went to his feet.

i decided to dip in my feet, it felt like the fish were vibrating while they eat away our dead skin cells.

i asked one of the staff about what were the benefits to this, she said it helps to aid Skin cancer, Leaves your skin softer & improves blood circulation.

I think fish spa is relaxing and fun at the same time because you’ll be amused at the fishes that gather on your feet. my boyfriend and i were exchanging fishes since his were so many.

After the Fish Spa me and my friend decided to try out the Body massage, it was a complete pampering  experience and the Masseuse really knows what she’s doing,she even tried to address my minor shoulder ache.

because i had a massage which i think is P200 all in all i paid P450

Overall, The experience was really memorable they had a really good staff & receptionist that accommodated us one by one. their service was really great too. they even told us that they’re having a discount by december and were planning to go back!

You guys should try it!  🙂  I highly recommend it!


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