What Girls Don’t Actually Want

1. Flowers

Boys, seriously? receiving flowers is sweet but it’s not what your crush/girl really wants. it’s so mainstream. if you got that idea from a movie? or your Brother from another mother then you have to think of something creative than a flower! for me, i don’t actually understand why guys, HIGH SCHOOL guys preferrably  give girls flowers.  i mean, what does it do? it just dies. a.k.a flowers don’t last, so you’re telling her that your love won’t last forever? okay, i’m getting out of topic here. why give flowers when you can give her food? a Starbucks while you’re at it or Pizza,  you’re not only on the waiting list but she’ll say yes…soon.

2.  Suddenly Surprising her with your creative “Will You Be My Girl?” scene outside or in the classroom

What if she doesn’t like you and avoids you forever? (not that it happened to me or anything.) Anyway, you wouldn’t want that right? so never,ever,ever do this unless you’re sure that she likes you! to put it in a clear term, wag kang assuming pre! feeling mo like ka niya rin, FEELING mo lang yun!  sayang effort mo at effort ng mga tropa mo no kung nagfefeeling-feeling ka lang. uso din magtanong.

3.  Fake Jewelry Preferrably Ring

I agree that it’s sweet and cute that it’s a sign of you’re gonna love her forever but if you see it in a realistic way, it’s corny. i know some of you guys will agree with me. can you imagine her flashing her ring to some boys and say she has a boyfriend and some guy’ll say “So you’re married?” then one of her girlfriends would think “That’s so ridiculous,it’s just a stupid ring”. i’m not being half assed i think 1% of your friends will back stab you in a way or secretly hates you…moving on.

Anyway that’s just about it, what about you girls? What do you actually hate receiving from your suitors?



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