Curves Are Beautiful

Hallo guys~

I remember a topic discussion on our Teoart subject. we studied about Natural Aesthetics we got into a topic about women, back in the old times my professor said that women who have curvy bodies are the ones that are beautiful before not the skinny ones now, because women are capable of producing children with a plumpy body. Plump bodies can make you have a natural birth while a skinny body will undergo a C-section.

Women who have curves are also the models depicted on renaissance paintings because they are considered beautiful. Selfless as it may sound, i wished curvy bondies are the most beautiful in this generation because i think being curvy is healthy rather than being thin,pretending to be anorexic because “that’s what girls in school do” shit and going with what society tells you to do.

An example is Marilyn Monroe,

i have read in tumblr that her dress measurements were a size 36 or 37 which was not considered overweight back then and was considered to be beauiful. there was a really good post about it in tumblr about marilyn monroe on the topic about her weight, sad that i couldnt find it with the thousand likes i do on tumblr. *lol

Anywhoo, nowadays girls want a size that it’s just lower than 30, Ala Taylor Swift or Victoria Secret. as much as i envy Taylor swift’s natural barbie doll like figure i’m scared to look like that. i actually have some kind of paranoia looking at super skinny girls, because back then i was like that.

When i was in 2nd grade i had no fats, just bones. i was teased by my relatives because of it, since then i wanted to be a lot more like my cousin who was chubby and cute, i get jealous every time some “Ate” approached her and say “Aww you’re so cute” then hugs her while i just stand there like a twig. thankfully i managed to gain weight when i was in highschool through college. then i realized that i can’t please anybody, my friends playfully teased me about how fat i’am which was a big deal to me. i then started to find other ways to lose weight other than exercising, i tried it once with taebo, then i got little dizzy after.

i then tried drinking green tea every meal, it did work only it just removed a little of my weight. i had to be consistent in drinking it though then i was starting to get sick of it, especially in summer when it’s already hot and i’m still drinking green tea EVERY.MEAL.

Then i came across quotes by Marilyn Monroe & Jennifer Lawrence, two of whom had been an inspiration to me.


I admit when i first saw her on the movie Hunger Games i was like mehh newbie, but then a couple of frames later she was really good in acting. she captured katniss’s personality perfectly that i can’t imagine anyone ever playing katniss other than her! (*okay i’m fangirling i must stop this) then people started to post about her on tumblr because of the hunger games trend, after a while she earned my respect for saying these:



image source:


So ladies, learn to love your body and never ever abuse it just for the sake of pleasing people. tumblr_inline_mjs0amUmJ21qdlkyg


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