November Instagram PhotoDiary

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These days i just think of what happened on our first semester, time flies by really fast and a lot of things changed of course. that’s what happens every semester, there’s always going to be change and i realize that i can’t adapt to it quickly. i start to overthink about some issues that weren’t there in the first place. anywhoo, i’ll stop the dramatic rambling now.

I recently just had my 2oth birthday, omg i’m now a “young adult”! i’m getting old! tumblr_inline_mjs0afSkWq1qdlkyg i didn’t have any birthday celebrations though, since i think it’s a waste of time. i never thought of birthdays to be that special~ /heartless me

As you can see, my little old life consists of mostly Eating & Apps. tumblr_inline_mh4ajh7E4D1roozkr

The last shot was for my thesis to a prof who is a pain in the butt, he was my favorite prof but after last semester he is off on my favorite list. Then this semester, there are so many annoying & unfair profs *cough favoritism *cough *coughtumblr_inline_mjs09j0lul1qdlkyg


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