Rill Rill~

Just a quick blogpost on what is happening on my normal awkward life~

reasons why my blog is dead right now /le crytumblr_m8cqzi5fce1roozkr

I just joined an org at my school, i’ve been planning on joining one back in my first year of college though i was so busy practicing at drawing i never had time. it was one of my goals to join in that org and i did~ *yay! tumblr_inline_mjs0b8TvcQ1qdlkyg

Although i never thought there’d be interviews,exam and requirements! plus the exhausting practical exam. now i joined one & miraculously passed, i realize it’s very difficult to be a photographer, i do shoot but never the ones where you’ll be alone. my hands shake when i take shots at crowded places, i’m just not used to it because i usually picture landscapes,texture or portraits. now my org which is a student publication requires to shoot university students and intercollegiate sports. it’s kind of thrilling and fun at the same time, specially since i started covering for UAAP, not to fangirl but i just can’t believe i took a close up shot of Van Opstal tumblr_inline_mjs0b4ee2p1qdlkyg*kilig *kilig and i actually watched on the court side to take a picture of the players! (even though i looked awkward,sweaty and sleepy) okay ang baba ng kaligayahan ko hihi!

Basically, that’s what i do heeeee~   It’s kind of tiring though, i now don’t have any free time,my feet always hurt and now my sleeping habit is as worse and hardcore as usual like konata izumi, i can almost beat her record! plus not to mention the awkward meeting of new co org-mates (Is there even a term for that?) i try not to be awkward much and smile til my panga hurts. i’m not used to meet new people but since i’m challenging myself and my self-confidence it’s time to change nao. this will be needed in OJT’s and workplace! (Why! Why is my life all about physical work! tumblr_inline_mvpndmGP6E1ro4gn4)~

right now i’m just squeezing in my time blogging. hopefully i will have more updates this coming sembreak~

It’s almost christmas!~

How’s your Christmas shopping guise? tumblr_inline_mjs0amUmJ21qdlkyg

Have you watched Arriety? i think it’s pretty awesome! me and my mom watched it! hihi tumblr_inline_mh4ajvP1BR1roozkrokay i’m a ghibli baby, i’m just starting to fangirl about ghibli!


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