Musings on Being in a Relationship

I’ve been a Disney slash Romance-Genre-Anime baby for a long time and an upcoming Ghibli baby~

All the things i’ve watched ever since i was a kid is that when you find your prince charming or when that certain senpai notices me my life will be complete. but not really, i realized for a long time that the tv shows/movies i watched portrayed a really unrealistic point of view in love.

They never show you that being in a real relationship is never really easy, i admit that i think i’ve found “The One” but here’s some list that will make you enjoy being single rather than being in a relationship:

It’s actually based on my POV so no hate!

1. You’ll always.always.fight

2. There’s some paranoia that he/she is cheating on you.

3. You’ll be seeing each other everyday and you will be sick of his/her face.

4. There’s going to be something about your partner that you will discover and you will not like it.

5. He/She annoys you.

6. You have little time with your friends.

7. You have to get along with his/her friends.

8. Having to compromise all the time.

9. Lack of Productivity because all you do is go out and go on dates.

10. Basically get used to a leash around you because you have to do everything together. #UGH

11. You’ll miss being single and all the yolo stuff you do.

While here are the advantages on being in a relationship:

1. Hoodies!

2. You don’t only have food, you have him/her too.

3. There’ll be those Kilig/Butterfly moments where he/she will surprise you and do things for you when you least expect it.

4. Instant encouragement and praise from your partner.

5. Sharing your deepest darkest secret and things you never told anyone before.

6. Less stress with the dress~ no need to be fashionable or put your make up on, your partner loves your empty canvas face on and he’s ok with you on your jammies and hair on a bun!

7. Everyday is movie day for the both of you.

8. Cuddles, hugs and rainbows all around~ happiness!

9. Guess what? You’re not Forever Alone anymore! so yeah, adios tumblr~! you’re owned by yahoo now anyways~

10. Someone to count on and will be by your side.

there’s a long list i have in my mind, for now i’m giving you this, all in all being in a relationship is a good feeling, i’m happy being secure and that someone loves me for who i’am. Albeit, i miss my single life quite terribly, i think it’s a far cry to my single status,hopefully. *crosses fingers


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