New Year: Bring it on 2014

Yaho~ how have you been guys doing? did you have a great welcome to the new year?

New year is a time for a clean slate and a new chapter~

I admit 2013 gave me a bunch of new experiences & opportunities.
i have learned a lot of things and especially tried to be a lot more bolder than before. before 2013 i promised to do a lot more task to make myself more experienced about my skills and not just laze around and i think i have accomplished that. this 2014, my new year’s resolution is that i hope to do a lot more of it. like Eva Longoria said “I’ll sleep when i’m dead.”

And of course i have a list of some of my new year’s resolution.

Rediscover my passion for playing the piano
Since i have been mostly painting this past almost 3 years, i think i forgot how to play the piano *lol I have been thinking about it a lot lately that i should brush up on my piano skills and i was also inspired by the Ghibli movies i watched recently *cough* Arriety *cough* Wolf Children.

Hone my artistic skills
I admit my painting skills are in the “Mehhh” Level because i was actually afraid of trying new things with painting and drawing, i just stick to what was taught by our profs then i just learned that college is mostly self-taught. -_-
I not only want my painting skills to improve but my digital and photography skills as well.

Learn Japanese & Korean
I’ve been a fan of Anime & Kpop and my only skill is. . .reading the subtitles fairly fast. *Lol but no i can understand a few spoken japanese language but never written. also, i have understand some korean spoken language and never get to really understand them more like the japanese. so hopefully i’ll discover a japanese or korean language workshop/course in our campus or somewhere.

Spend Wisely
I’m chinese but i SUCK at spending, i sometimes feel like a masochist when i’m in a store and tell myself “That’s a stupid item with cheap quality, don’t buy it.” then ended up buying it a few minutes after.i now realize that spending a lot just sucks!. . .unless it’s food tho~

Save More
This is one of the solid item on my list that i think will never vanish.not only i suck at spending, but also saving as well. after i save up the actual amount of what i like my piggy bank goes empty. my heart break a little when there’s never any savings left, especially when i just get it from my school allowance. i sometimes don’t eat lunch at school just to save too~

Use my Starbucks Planner

I admit i’ve been wanting these babies for a very long time though i’ve never tried to complete my Starbucks stickers during their promos. then unexpectedly my boyfriend gave me this for a new year’s gift with the help of his friend, i thought it was actually sweet & got pretty surprised when he gave it to me. Truthfully,i was never aiming for a Starbucks planner this year though, i was aiming for the Belle de jour planner or Doodle planner from Filed.

Anyway, the last time i used a planner was back in highschool. my favorite planner back then was Cosmopolitan’s 2010 Date Book. it was super helpful and my favorite thing to bring in school, i remember my bestfriend writing school events like “Prom” or random events like my Ex’s Birthday and what not because i actually didn’t know what to do with it.

Now it’s serious with the Starbucks Planner,Teehee~

So here it is~ I actually wanted the pink one but it’s out of stock tumblr_m8cqzi5fce1roozkr

I’m actually embarassed to admit that this is my first starbucks planner and forgive me for posting pics of it with the planner still plastic covered, i just seriously admired the packaging design, it’s like a wedding gift!

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

This is the part where i don’t like, it’s full of their facts and history which i’m not that interested, i wish they put a more interesting graphic to it or some theme.

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

Guess i just like both of these but don’t know where to use the coupons tho~

Anywhoo, i hope you’re 2014 is full of wonderful experiences and you will have new adventures~ *It’s like i’m speaking from an RPG game or something.

Happy New Year ❤


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