Cute & Cool Game Apps

By cool i’m referring to guys for this, because i mostly review cute apps ehehe. hey, i have a tough *Geek side too ya know~

1. Blood Masque

photo 1

From the developers/publisher/distribution of games like Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts which is Square Enix comes Blood Masque~! I have to admit i missed seeing the Square Enix logo, it’s been a long time my friend!

Why? I’ve missed playing rpg games on gaming consoles since cds are expensive! so another alternative is playing on my iphone, i admit that gaming consoles are still better. Life is nothing without the grip of a controller with your eyes on the screen for 5 hours or more with Walkthroughs & Cheats. tumblr_inline_mjs0b8TvcQ1qdlkyg

On to the app!~

In Blood Masque,you play as a half-vampire hunter in this game & hunt vampires that rule Paris in the late 19th century.

Just like the games that Square enix produces, there’s scenes in the game that make it more interesting.

photo 3 photo 4

photo 4

I love that you can customize your character anytime you want *Hooray! in detail as well! from the hair down to their facial expressions! Also, i love that  and you can actually put your photo on your character’s face too! 

photo 3

The Art is quite good actually for an app.

photo 1

The controls are also really simple.

photo 5

You can choose 2 players for each mission!~ I try to be careful in choosing people above my level because they mostly take the credit and i can’t level up that much.

After playing this game *A bunch of times , i think gaming apps are leveling up more! i wonder if any Smartphone companies are producing 3D-like phones now? like Nintendo’s 3D gaming console. a future for 3D gaming app perhaps? tumblr_inline_mjs0aziFxQ1qdlkyg

photo 2

That’s my character!~

Dauphine, says hi~ tumblr_inline_mjs0amUmJ21qdlkyg

2. Final Fantasy Theatrythm

photo 1

I think this it has the same functions inthe 3Ds version, i dunno why they bother to have it in the 3Ds  when there’s an app for it.tumblr_inline_mjs0aziFxQ1qdlkyg

photo 2

My favorite Final Fantasy Characters are back with this new rythm video game~ i get to see Tidus,Squall,Thunder & other characters in a chibi like doll version in the game.

photo 4

Chocobo ❤ one of my favorite characters in the installment *u*

photo 3

photo 5

The game is nothing surprising. like most music games on the ios, FFT controls largely amounts to tapping & sliding on the touch screen, the unique part of it is, you use it to fight the monsters in the game.

FFT app makes it more interesting with the different missions that gets harder and harder. the downside to it is, it only has two songs and you can purchase other songs at $0.99 each. (Hell No.)

3. Stardom

photo 3

A stylish game on reaching fame~

in this Game you can:
– Customize your look with different accessories, clothing & hairstyles. it’s limited though as the other are *dun dun dun offers in app purchases care to buy a gold?

– Date celebrities, party, live in a luxury condo/mansion, own pets~

– Work on set to become an A-list celebrity (don’t forget your lines!)

– Invite characters in your party or make them your co- star to earn more fans!

Personally this game is really entertaining like High School Storytumblr_inline_mjs0bfOWcn1qdlkyg


4. MapleStory Village

Another Cute Game from Naver Line Japan~

It’s actually a typical building a village type of game~ but it comes with other interesting features~

photo 1

You get simple quests.

photo 2


You collect cute & adorable monsters that you can play with~ they can interact with monsters in your friend’s village as well!

photo 3


photo 2


photo 3


photo 4

I like the how the harvest thing works here. tumblr_mcwe08WTf21qbs47q

photo 4


As you can see there are other features in the game that you can explore~

Have fun on your cute adventure!


5. Mandora

Mandora is a cute game where you pluck a baby potato(?) (that looks so cute and adorable!) as fast as possible until time runs out.

photo 1  photo 3



photo 2 photo 5


It’s a great game to play when you want to burn time~ tumblr_inline_mjs0b8TvcQ1qdlkyg for me it’s pretty addicting.


6. Band Stars

A game where you can form a band!~ and make wild,soothing,crazy,electronic music together~

photo 1

photo 2

You can choose what kind of character you want in your band.

Make some music together and conquer the top charts!


that is all i leave you with

G.NA’s Oopstumblr_inline_mjs0b8TvcQ1qdlkyg





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