Gray Overload

Gray Overload

Enza costa tee

Topshop shirts top

Slim fit shirt

Forever 21 sweatshirt

Nanette Lepore wet look skirt

Skechers sneaker

I’ve been thinking of buying sweaters or jackets because of the cold weather here in manila lately. i’m currently looking for a Gryffindor jacket. i saw it last time in a mall, the design is so perfect and so as the quality! i’m also looking for a Game of thrones Tshirt which i saw while i was in an anime convention, Sherlock and Divergent. speaking of Divergent, have you heard who’s going to be Tris? it’s Shailene Woodley, yes. most of the favorite books i’ve read for the last 2 years that are going to be made into a movie this year, mostly stars Shailene Woodley. i’m kind of disappointed because when i watched Spectacular Now, she didn’t leave an impression on me. but i think she does suit Tris’ character. ironically Miles Teller who’s going to be cast as Peter on Divergent is Shailene’s partner on Spectacular Now. it’s kind of bitter sweet when you think about it.
She’s also cast as Hazel Grace Lancaster on The Fault in Our Stars. i’ve watched the trailer and it was what i imagined it would be~ but hopefully the movie will be good. i’m not having high expectations because movie adaptations will never be as good as the book. i’m being a book worm this year, i have so many piled up e-books. i want to read them all!~ 365 days of e-books maybe?

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