Photo Round Up: January Instagram Update


My January consisted of Fogs, Sweaters, Cool weather, Coldness, Laziness, Cold Showers, Hugs, Laughs & some Lasting Memories. I feel like i’m in a different country because of the weather. Manila became a little foreign to me~ i thought it was going to snow because of the coldness, hopefully it doesn’t, because it has consequences.

(1) Made fun of watercolors since i haven’t touched it in a while now.

(2) Saw a Limo Parked at a Hotel we were going to, i think it’s a wedding car since i saw the bride going out from it. i want a limo on my wedding too *u*

(3) Attended a relatives birthday party, an advanced chinese new year celebration.

(4) Eating Sushi at Sambokojin~ Planning to blog about it in the later days.

(5) Moon Halo, some may say that a storm is coming other says that ice crystals are just forming on top of the clouds. well i say it’s cool~

(6) Obligatory Picture in The Hotel

(7,8 &9) My mom’s “Iphoneography”. she borrowed my iphone to take a picture of this, i think i discovered a new talent again.~


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