Experiencing Prom in College

“Ready For Prom” as what Julia Baretto states in her Ponds Commercial. i thought i would never attend Prom.EVER when i saw that commercial since i’m in college. then a miracle happened!~ my boyfriend invited me to a Diplomatic Ball hosted by his University. it’s a formal dinner and we simply state it as “PROM” because you have to wear  a gown and all that. i got really excited because i’m going to go to a PROM like event after 4 years of being PROM-less.

I had a really difficult time preparing for it as my time management sucks big time last week! Org and Paper works started piling in and even my laziness so i forgot to schedule appointments for hair, make-up and all the other girliness. thankfully, i’ve done them albeit the stress of it all.

So here’s my outfit for the Diplomat Ball or what i refer to is PROM


Hype this look on Lookbook

I also got to meet  my boyfriends great friends at school and some cool people.


I’am so crossing my “Have a prom again” in my bucket list. it sucks that we didn’t attend the after party tho~ but i had fun being Ala Taylor Swift in her Love Story or You Belong with me Music Videos for a day. Ahihihi.


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