Tricia Gosingtian Style Book Signing Event

I feel so lucky to have gone to Tricia Gosingtian’s Book Signing Event Today!tumblr_me96xrzFNr1qdlkyg

Tricia Gosingtian has been one of my inspirations on starting a blog (Aside from Elisa Aquino, XiaXue & Abbey Sy) as well as Make-up & Fashion. you guys don’t know how horrid my fashion style was before i met her! i used to just buy clothes that i see on t.v and magazines then tried to mix and match but no matter what i do i would usually think that it’s so BLAND. however when i discovered Tricia on Tumblr back in 2009 i started to look up to her Kawaii, Fun & Floral style that i adore, she started to become my inspiration in fashion!~ So when i saw that she’s having a book signing event and sadly it’s the last, i seized the opportunity to go!~

Our first goal at MOA was to get my boyfriend’s haircut then go to the event after, we actually don’t know where the hell is Bench Fix at MOA so we just entered into a random building which coincidentally i saw National Bookstore and saw a lot of occupied seats then saw the shiny shimmery Tricia tumblr_me96wn0j2Q1qdlkyg with (her boyfriend i think) so we then decided to go to the event first~ Yatta!~tumblr_ly8lkd1LBt1qgy16y


Before the event started, Canmake, one of tricia’s favorite make up line decided to have a raffle draw~ of course i hoped i win and weirdly i did, because i’m not usually lucky with raffle promos but this day is just GODSEND!~tumblr_m4i9clAQzc1qdlkyg


These are the goodies~! yay!~ they’re packaging is soooo cute! Thank you Canmake!tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow


I would usually think that people who are famous are way over their head, but Tricia was one humble person while she was nervously talking about her background into being a blogger (So cute!). *This was the time when i was squealing in my head and couldn’t believe that she’s right infront of me!~ *Le Fangirls Especially when i saw her while entering at National Bookstore!~tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow


While i was almost lined up, just had to take a picture of her~

While me and my boyfriend were waiting for her autograph signing, my boyfriend would just glimpse at me because he saw the happy,giggly smile on my face in which i was embarassed of! of course while we were seated we started noticing the people who were getting nervous while holding their phone to take a picture of Tricia,I was shaking as well!

While in line,  i was actually getting nervous and still don’t even know what to say to her! tumblr_me96wcOYYe1qdlkyg


Got my book signed! OMG!tumblr_inline_mm2wb67mxJ1qz4rgp She was so interesting! i thought that i would just silently watch her sign but then she told a bit of a story after she said my name was unique, it’s so awesome how she communicates with all her fans to remove their nervousness.

187 186

Hoo-hoot! Photo Op! thanks for the photographer for taking 2 pictures of us 8D

she also commented on how cute my case is and i awkwardly said thank you even tho i wanted to formally face her but you know how it gets when you’re infront of  celebrities. tumblr_m430wgOUAf1qdlkyg

large (2)

I think that Tricia was so hardworking in signing all the books, you can see the dedication she has towards her fans and i love her for that!


Her book: Tricia Gosingtian 150 Style Essentials For Every Girl is available at all National Bookstore Branches Nationwide for only P295!~

Get yours now if you’re troubled on your personal style, this book is the perfect guide on all things fashion~ tumblr_inline_mjs0bfOWcn1qdlkyg


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