Instagram: A month in my life

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Uwaa Hello March-ing to Hell Month, LITERALLY since there are so many school works! I cannot! what is life!?? I’m trying to get away by blogging mehehehe, so much for taking a 2nd course when all I want is to just graduate already!

1. My hair last time on a formal event I went to. *Clappity Clap for the stylist at the salontumblr_me96xrzFNr1qdlkyg

2. A #TBT I did while covering A Fencing tournament

3. Treated my boyfriend for our Anniversary, I don’t always let my boyfriend pay for everything. Since i’m pretty much an independent girl when it comes to expenses that’s why I pay for half my part. Treated him to Tong Yang at GH, it’s worth a try!

4. This is an Epic selfie of mine, if you’ve seen my Instagram tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow

5. Had to relax after all the research papers piled up!  So hi, Starbucks!

6. The painting we made for our HisArt/Theory of Arts class, I get two of these subjects mix up! The original artwork is by Makoto Shinkai.

7. I got so lazy all day, I slept and stayed on my bed, literally.tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow

8. I got so depressed. With so many things happening I decided to paint Sherlock. Mehehehe~tumblr_inline_mgzk86piRL1rxsw83

9. My last cover for my org. it was fun but i’m definitely going to miss it! tumblr_inline_mmihpyZ3AJ1qz4rgp


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