Summer is just getting started and mine was just awesome! I watched the concert of my favorite band, The 1975!


photo (8)


The 11 long hours of just waiting in line to see The 1975 live is so fulfilling. They were definitely great live! Their songs just makes me fall in love with it over and over again. Throughout all the 7 hours of standing in line which resulted to my feet getting tired and numb, the sweat and the girl who made a mistake on tying her hair up which resulted to brushing it on my face that I had to endure!

It was all worth it.

Matty was so cute winking and all. I definitely saw his reaction when he saw the crowd after they all entered the stage  (I can’t upload the video thotumblr_inline_mm2wbgeIOz1qz4rgp), I noticed how Ross was smiling at George when we all sang to Chocolate and how Adam is just friggin hot all over!


Behind The Scenes A.K.A Reklamo 

I was shocked that so many people came to the show (them being an indie band and all so i thought the crowd wasn’t going to be that big). Which resulted on me and my friend to wait for hours on end in line, the line on the event was fucked up because of the effin’ unorganized line made some people transfer near the stage! It was annoying and totally unfair, it felt like we were in maze runner! People in line were all starting to get pissed off, one of them was me. Since the girl beside me on the line kept complaining about whoever squeezes in line with her, she’s prepared to stab someone but I guess she was referring to me since i’m the one near her. I didn’t even care what the hell she was saying. I kept thinking that she should STFU or i’ll stab you with a butter knife and throw you into a pit!  FYI to her I wasn’t making singit, I was following the line in front of me. Well guess what “girl-in-line” how’s the view on the side where you couldn’t see anything *smug face. 

Then there’s this girl who tied up her hair in a ponytail that kept brushing on my face, and this girl on my back that kept putting my hair on the side of my shoulders because she couldn’t see anything. I knew how it felt because I was having the same problem so I immediately just gathered my hair in one side and held them for the entire concert. You’re welcome.

Well, as they say nothing in life comes easy but through this experience I learned something and got some tips and tricks from my expert friend who goes to concerts most of the time. But that day was definitely a concert to remember.

See you babies again. tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow

Now excuse me as I have Post Concert Depression right now. tumblr_m9gcke9CKA1qzckow


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