Hot Hot Summer

Yep, that was the chorus song from F(x) ❤

I don’t know if it’s just me or the weather really gets worse every year, especially when it’s hot outside! It’s like you can easily cook an egg on top of your car’s roof ! . . .or on a jeepney.

It’s also graduation season, as most of you don’t know back in 2010 I stopped studying for 6 months because I didn’t like the course I was taking. Then I resumed my studies in 2011 fast forward to now, my batch mates in high school are graduating this year and you know that feeling where you’re “left out” because they’re going to have jobs while you’re still studying. Of course i’m not alone the only one who feels that way, weirdly when I transferred to a different university I was put in a class with so many transferees. So my classmates all share the same “left out” feeling right now.

While some students are graduating, it’s also the season for internships and i’am stressed out right now because of looking for jobs and yes, i’am getting desperate. But thinking about my summer internship makes me feel excited yet scared at the same time. I’m currently taking up Advertising Arts and recently i’ve been thinking of wanting to intern in a publishing company, not because it’s “Oh-so-glamorous” (when we all know it’s not). But because i’m interested to know how a publication runs, like what’s happening behind-the-scenes and I think it’s exciting and a great thing to experience. A newspaper publication is great too as I think it’s a thrilling job. If I run out of options, of course advertising agencies is a must for my course but I know it’s all filled out since last january! Curse me for being so busy! tumblr_inline_mjs08p51wl1qdlkyg

I admit that i’m getting desperate on finding one. But yeah, i’m so getting ready for internship since i’m looking forward for my 1 month of summer vacation. tumblr_m9gcke9CKA1qzckow


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