Wanderlust: Movies that make you want to go to Paris

Paris has always been a dream destination for everyone, especially when celebrities whether local or foregin are now frolicking to the “City of Love” nowadays and also it’s the city of fashion,coffee & macarons~ whether you’re daydreaming of going to paris or planning a trip for it, you can watch some my favorite movies that’ll take you on a tour to Paris.


1. An Education


Take a trip down 1960’s London and meet,Jenny Mellor ย a top student in class & hopes to study in oxford. ย but, all that changes once she meets David Goldman, a gentleman that takes her around places she’s never been & maybe in Paris.

a very stylish film and a story that unfolds beautifully.


2. Monte Carlo


A film i reconsidered watching since i know the story has a typical plot which is the same old-same old,ย ordinary girl on a vacation, who is mistaken for someone famous. Boy, i was wrong. Even though it had that teen girly vibe because of Selena Gomez, Monte Carlo is a fun,cute and interesting chick flick to watch which is going in my top favorite list right now since i watched it over and over again this week.


3.Midnight in Paris


A writer who meets his favorite authors like Fitzgerald & Ernest Hemingway, Time travel, Falling out of love & Falling in love & Paris. who doesn’t want to watch this movie?


Gif Source: Tumblr


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