Death by Chocolate Experience at #MagnumManila

Me and my friends went to SM Aura, to try and get a taste of the trending Magnum Manila. It was my first time hearing about it from my bestfriend Jerry. I only found out about it on instagram when I saw Solenn Heusaff making her own Magnum ice cream and when I passed by Magnum Manila last sunday. It was friggin’ packed.

We went there in the afternoon and thankfully we were the first ones to get in line. kekeke~ While we were waiting in line I noticed the creative Magnum ice cream decorated with colorful beads, it looked elegant for me to not take a photo of it.





We were actually deciding for a take out since we wanted to make our own Magnum dessert but in the end we opted for dine-in because their menu was just… appetizing.


This is the Make Your Own Magnum Station

After we went inside, I was speechless because of the classy european interior. I never thought that Magnum would take its product to a whole new level. The interior made me feel like we were actually at some classy patisserie cafe in Paris or London that had different kinds of delectable yet delicious Magnum desserts. The entire place is decorated with a classy interior & creative artworks.

There were so many things on the menu that I wanted to order and I ended up deciding between Pink Friday & Death by Chocolate. In the end I ordered Death by Chocolate while my friends ordered Cookie Dough Skillet.



This Cookie Dough Skillet is so delicious! It’s chewy and perfect!


Mine. . .well since I was the only one eating it and my two guy friends were full from the Cookie Dough Skillet, I literally had a Death by Chocolate experience. It was too delicious & too sweet at the same time, no wonder it’s called “Death by Chocolate”. I kept drinking water in every bite. It’s good though, but I recommend you eat it with your friend or partner since you won’t finish it.

Next on my Magnum wishlist: Pink Friday

So far, my experience is they really lived up to their Tagline “For Pleasure Seekers” if I remember correctly, because visiting Magnum Manila will make sure you’ll have a guilt-free experience.

Guilt-free since I know most of you are on a diet.tumblr_m7gk542LQN1r86b3d




Magnum Manila

Sky Park, 5th floor of SM Aura Premiere.


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