The Red Tour and An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

When my friend told me that Taylor Swift was coming here, i was so expanding with excitement! The announcement for tickets was way early and not enough time for me to save up for the patron seats,lower box or V.I.P (the most expensive of all) so i settled for the GEN AD. which was all that i could afford and i didn’t want my parents paying for a ticket upgrade since i’m being independent and learning how to budget.  lol

Just seeing Taylor on stage almost made me well up though i was torn between recording her or just watch her instead. Singing along to “Red” still and cheering for her til the end at “We Are Never Getting Back Together” was the best moment of my life. So i’m writing her a fan mail. 

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DIY Shirt i made for the concert


Oh, this crowd~ There were actually some Swifties with creative costumes, it was a shame I didn’t get to take a picture of them. tumblr_inline_mm2wbgeIOz1qz4rgp

photo 3


The T- Stage tumblr_inline_mjs0amUmJ21qdlkyg i hate how i get kind of sea sick when i enter MOA Arena, the structure of the seats are so steep that it feels like your falling but i guess that’s why they call it Arena.

photo 4

a portrait i draw of Meredith & Taylor tumblr_inline_mjs0amUmJ21qdlkyg

Dear Taylor Alison Swift (Yes i’ve used your full name because that’s how special you are to me.) or Simply Taylor Swift,

Hi again sorry for disturbing you for the nth time like on instagram and twitter, tagging you and getting your attention and all. it was just that i was excited that you were having your concert here in the Philippines and it is a once in a lifetime chance. you are like a dinosaur here that people don’t want to get extinct and people will pay great money to see you just for once. though i’m not expecting you to notice my particular open fan letter since you may or may not read them.

Anyway, when you came here last friday for the leg of your Red Tour i couldn’t believe that i was actually going to your concert, that this was actually happening. i felt like i was hyperventilating while waiting in line to get into MOA Arena. while you were singing, i felt like it was all a hazy dream. my 15 year old self was fan girling to the highest level my happiness could take me. even though it was your Red Tour, i’m glad you played Love Story & Fearless. it felt like my high school life bitch slapped me across my face, a lot of flashbacks swarmed over me. those were the songs that helped me get through my ex-crushes and that particular ex-boyfriend. i remember listening,wallowing and pitied myself with your songs while i was heartbroken like the immature teenage girl that i was before or when my high school life sucked, too bad Mean wasn’t released yet.

Thank you for the advices through your songs,they were subtle and sincere but it strucked me. though it worries me because i don’t know if your really the girl next door that people say you are, because i know people aren’t all nice and being a nice person actually makes a lot of people take you for granted. so i’m not sure what your real persona is, i mean look at the Kardashians, Justin Bieber and not to mention Miley Cyrus. i hope you will never be like them and keep up with the role model thing, hanging out with cool people like Cara Delevigne (i slightly hate you for that.) is better than twerking and letting the world know that you are uh, slightly a slut (Yes Miley, i’m referring to you.)


Aside from my teenage self thanking you and showering you with digital hugs & kisses right now, my 20 year old self says that you need to lay off writing songs about your exes. for me it doesn’t make you pathetic, i think your just really creative when it comes to writing about them and it’s how you make money,lol. Anyway, i know it’s your thing but there are other subjects to write about other than clinging to your past with John Mayer and all. it’s just. .as a fan, i’m kinda getting sick of the sad, sappy love songs. so as a fan advice please,please,please write more about friendship, rainbows & sunshine or maybe. .Meredith? if you don’t that line And you would hide away and find your peace of mind with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine would so come true.


Love You, Forever & Always,







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