I think guys with their little sly smugly faces are trending on movies like X-men days of future pasts’ Quick Silver a.k.a Evan Peters and the oh so heart wrenching, tear jerker movie of 2014 that stayed true to the book: The Fault in Our Stars.

I’ve been waiting for TFIOS movie after i read the book back in 2012, of course whenever we hear there’s a movie coming out for our favorite book, there are certain actresses and actor that you magically hope it’ll be cast. as much as i’m down with Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace Lancaster/ Tris Prior i hate that she’s so perfect and is usually picked to be a leading character in two no wait three (The Spectacular Now) Best Selling Novels/Box Office Hit!

my friends and i were in rage because Ansel Elgort who’s also a cast in Divergent and was Tris Prior’s brother.i’am mind fuck when i heard that he was also going to be playing as the charming, Augustus Waters of The Fault in Our Stars. I mean. . .wtf, the feels.tumblr_mdpjl8k5l31qdlkyg


Anyway, just leaving his smile here.tumblr_n6t23e6NSH1rp4fhao1_500




“He lit up with a real Augustus Waters Goofy Smile when he saw me, and I couldn’t help but smile back.” — Lancaster, Hazel Grace. “The Fault in Our Stars.


Anyway, thanks to my boyfriend for always dragging me to watch Marvel-Disney Movies. i found them really awesome!

so i’m just gonna leave gif’s of the young version of Quicksilver played by Evan Peters, i love the part where they helped Magneto.tumblr_m7gk542LQN1r86b3d





Clearly, this is a smugly smile appreciation post.


Gif Source: Tumblr


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