Top 5 favorite Youtubers

Youtube is where i spend most of my time on the internet like maybe an hour or so, or maybe more so i compiled the top youtubers i usually watch!~ i know you watch them too. tumblr_inline_mjs0bfOWcn1qdlkyg

1. Jenna marbles

I love love Jenna Marbles, i’ve been a long time follower of her Youtube videos because she’s funny and sarcastic. she’s also of my youtube girl crush,  and yes i love her adorable, full of sunshine and sparkly rainbow dogs Marbles & Kermit. I guess i get my weirdness from her.


2. React Series by The Fine Brothers




I hope they make more of this!!!

I don’t know if that’s the right title for it. but yeah, i find their series (Kids React,Teens React, Cats React & Elders React) really interesting.


3. PewDiePie

Since i don’t have anytime to play video games, which is sooooo freakingggg saddddd! *Le Sob

anywhoo, i like watching PewDiePie’s videos since they are hilarious! i also feel like i’m playing the game too except with less curse words and more. . . game over.

4. Anna Akana

I just found Anna Akana’s videos while i was typing some Self-help tips and so i watched this video of hers and found her pretty funny and entertaining. i love how her videos are all so relateable and not sugar coated, i guess she’s just being herself and she doesn’t give a fuck on what people think of her. she’s a great voice actress and she does web series and acting, i have yet to check out her videos though. she likes cats too!~ yayyyy~ her voice reminds me of Ellen Page or Princess Venelope Von Schweetz.

basically, she’s like Jenna Marbles only she likes cats.


5. People who upload videos about cats and dogs!!!

I mean these videos are like the essence of Youtube

Yep, better than spending my time at Facebook.


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