The Awesomeness of Todd English Food Hall Manila

Me and My Friends J. and D. who are both food enthusiasts recommended we try out Todd English Food Hall. They told me they’re a huge rave right now so we decided to try it out.

We decided to go there on the afternoon and we were pretty lucky to score a seat without any reservations. We were planning to eat there for dinner but the staff said that their reservations are full for the day so we decided to go for it. #YOLO

At first glance, you would have thought that Todd English Food Hall is a buffet restaurant (like i did). But it’s actually an A la carte dining restaurant, a european style concept. They offer a mix of American, Asian and European dishes in 9 culinary stations.

Since it was our first time dining there we asked the waiter which is their bestseller for Pasta’s and Pizza’s. He recommended The Classic Signature FlatBread and Brooklyn Style Spaghetti Polpetini.


While we were waiting for our order, I noticed these cool pastas that were hung up on the racks. I guess they were fresh. . .or just displays?

They also have a classy european interior and ugh the marbled floor is just shining that I don’t ever want to step on it again.

I noticed that the senior chef was present while we were waiting for the food. I could already tell that the food is served fresh because he was supervising the other chefs.



The Classic Signature FlatBread




 Brooklyn Style Spaghetti Polpetini

Both of these are actually good for 3 people and these dishes were so delicioussssss. Todd English Food Hall is actually based in New York, but what we ate made me feel like I was in Italy. It was freshly made and delicious.


Selfie w/ The Foodies


After we devoured Classic Signature FlatBread it left me wanting for more. Overall, my first gastronomic experience here was certainly the best. I’m definitely planning to go back and try their other dishes. I really recommend that you guys try Todd English Food Hall for your next food trip! tumblr_inline_mjs0bfOWcn1qdlkyg


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