I Will Not Wait For You

Just can’t help but reblog this. We all experience unrequited love, even if we don’t know if it’ll ever work out in the end between that special someone, there’s always that small seed of hope of “What if”. No matter how many countless times you’ve been hurt with just by being a “friend” to that person you’re OK with it. But then, you’ll realize that you should stop fooling yourself and your feelings are not meant to be played with, which is what I felt before. I decided in the end that I won’t ever wait for this person because in the end you’ll just realize that the person wasn’t really worth it.

Thought Catalog

I will not wait for the text message to come. The one that will say that you miss me, that you want to see me. The one that says that you need me. Just precisely at the moment when I started to smile on my own.

I will not wait to see you. To spot that look in your eye when you remember. Your hand with the drink in it will dip, just enough for me to notice. You’ll spill a little on your expensive leather shoes, but it’ll be regret that drowns you.

I will not wait for you to show up at my door. Begging and pleading for a chance whose count I cannot remember. How many times did you not accept the same misbegotten plea when I was the one trying so hard to keep you?

I will not wait for you to let it sink in…

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