June – July Instagram Super Duper Late Photo Diary


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



Hey there everyone, i haven’t been posting my instagram photo diaries lately and i miss it. then again, i haven’t been posting much on instagram, only mindless posts which aren’t interesting.

Anywhoo, Lo and behold this sums up my June – July posts.

1. Got my haircut because i’m sick of my super long curly hair. it became super dry and i’m honestly not used to maintaining long hair since my mom always wants it short. but i hope it grows back soon!

20140708_182451 (1)

hihi reason why i found out about Red Mango, well hello there Tricia~ 

2. I answered a survey on Munchpunch and won a P100 Red Mango gift card. i used it to order my favorite Banana Almond, a funny thing happened when the food came the delicious smell of banana w/ almonds wafting through the air was so strong my friend had to order one as well,he ordered Blueberries n’ Cream Voila~ as Munchpunch says, keep craving. tumblr_m7gk542LQN1r86b3d

3. Looks yummy right? this dish is from a new vegetarian restaurant i tried that i’ve yet to post a review. stay tuned. tumblr_me96xrzFNr1qdlkyg

photo (7)

4. Last is our plate for our Oriental Subject. this is a Mehndi art, technically it’s a henna art and is used in traditional weddings in India. there are certain designs that means happiness, good luck, prosperity, health and a damn fulfilling love life. i thought it was complicated to do at first but it was actually fun. the cons of it is i’m walking around in public with looks from people and i cannot tell you how my relatives and friends are exaggerating about this right now but then i just jokingly say “Wala eh, Artist eh.” or “I’m a Gangster.”

 i also can’t do outfit posts with it, though i want to as i think it’s very creative.

What do you guys think? tumblr_inline_mm2wf2p2Pc1qz4rgp


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