Bipolar Weather

I’ve always debated with my boyfriend that this weather we’re having in Manila is the effect of climate change, he says that it’s only a “Theory”. While I on the other hand exclaim “I don’t care if it’s a theory I say it is climate change.” Then we argue for 30 minutes about it. Anyway, this is my late Sweather Weather entry post.




I have fun with my OOTD’S so i mostly take a lot more shots.

I adore sweaters, It’s the first thing I look for whenever I go shopping and one of the pieces of clothing I grab when I go out of the house if I feel lazy dressing up. Truth be told if I could only have one style of clothing in the world it will be sweaters! tumblr_inline_miw4x8Aknb1qz4rgp I paired it with a Black Lace Shorts great for this weird bipolar weather but you can pair it with a skirt or pants.

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