We Scream for Iscreamist!

I’ve been hearing from my friends about this place near UP called The “Iscreamist”. I invited my friends to go there after we went to the UP Vargas Museum for our History of The Philippines subject. Since it’s our first time going there, We walked through the scorching September heat looking for it. We finally found it after asking one of the UP students who were passing by.~


Two of my friends ordered Roasted Marshmallow (Php80.00)

All I can say is I wanted to eat it all! I mean, have you ever roasted marshmallows when you were a kid and you failed because the marshmallows melt too fast? Well this is the answer to your solution! I Kid. I definitely loved the taste of it!


While me and my friend K. ordered the Dragon Breath Smores (Php65.00)

Lo and behold~ This is the coolest thing I have ordered in my life, let me just say that you will turn into a dragon for a day. My friends were literally laughing at me while smoke fumed out of my nose.


Me trying out the dragon breath smores for the first time~ #MedyoBadGirl

(photo courtesy of my friend I’s instagram tumblr_inline_mjs0amUmJ21qdlkyg)

Caution: We were asked to dip it in for 7 seconds, anything more than that may lead to frostbite. Because of the unique ingredient they used called Liquid Nitrogen, it exists in a colorless, liquid state that has an extremely low temperature. So don’t even try making fun of it.
Overall, It’s a great place to go to when you’re feeling adventurous with food. The downside is that the place is cramped and we went there on a weekend so people are filling up the place every 30 minutes. We had to eat our ice cream really quick because there’ll be someone next in line that’s waiting to be accommodated. (Shoutout to the Ate in line who said “Dalian niyo.”tumblr_inline_mjs09j0lul1qdlkyg) so if you’re planning to go there, go on a weekday morning where students have classes~ I KID tumblr_me96xrzFNr1qdlkyg

Anywhooooo, The Iscreamist is a must-try and i’ll definitely be coming back again for the Roasted Marshmallow!

Located at:

The Iscreamist

46-D Magiting Street, Teacher’s Village Diliman, Quezon City


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