How leaving an Org is the Same as Parting with Your Boyfriend

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I never actually updated on what was going on when I joined our school org. a couple of months ago due to my busy, busy schedule and now that I have a couple of spare time, here is the back story of it.

I wanted to join the org. badly back when I was a freshmen. Unfortunately, since I suck at drawing my priority was to improve myself and my grades because honestly, back then I don’t have any idea about drawing and art but now hallelujahhh. Anyway, then came my junior year, my friend I. and me decided that it was the perfect time to join an org. she was planning to join the same one as well back then but never got to. The org.  surprisingly had an entrance exam, we both were very nervous about it. Eventually, we got in. I. changed her mind when she passed the exam. As for me, I passed too and took the chance. After that, the first page of my journey at this org. started.

It was very very stressful, it’s like shooting 2 birds with 1 stone but I knew I could handle the pressure. Unfortunately, there was a time when I thought that I wasn’t sure if i could still handle it when I move on to my senior year. My boyfriend was complaining that we don’t have enough time together as well as my friends so I got through a serious decision whether I would stay or leave. It was very difficult. There were the pros and there were the cons. I joined this org to improve myself and my skills but unfortunately I thought that I would just be an invisible person around my friends and the people I care about if I continue doing it and due to stress I fainted 3 times and had irregular heartbeats. I don’t know if it’s because i’m anaemic or something. Though I like being busy and that is one of the primary goals why I also joined the org. but i had to quit. No wonder when you’re in a school org. people there will treat you like a family because you’ll spend a lot of time there and I mean a LOT!

The org. though taught me a lot of lessons, first was time management, a glimpse into to the real world, I learned how i’m more awkward than I actually am (lol tumblr_inline_mm2wbgeIOz1qz4rgp  )  and independence. Honestly, I miss it amidst the stress and the sickness I sometimes wish I stayed longer. tumblr_m430wgOUAf1qdlkyg (why do I feel that I will be a workaholic in the future. -_-)

What about you guys? What orgs. did you join at school? Feel free to leave a comment below tumblr_me96x3rQqL1qdlkyg


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