My Walking Dead Experience at Eastwood Mall

Zombies, Zombies,Zombies we either hate them or people are really such sadists for producing Zombie shows that we end up having an odd interest in them no matter how terrifying and gruesome they maybe.  great example for zombies is The Walking Dead.

I know you guys sometimes imagine yourselves being chased by actual zombies or if you’ll survive a zombie apocalypse?  Well, me and my friends did! (sorta hihi) at The Walking Dead Horror House at Eastwood Mall.20141101_182511_LLS

My friend J. told me about The Walking Dead Horror House, we were having second thoughts about it because of the long line but we gave in since we got nothing to do and the entrance fee is really cheap, it’s only P100.00 so what have you got to lose, right?

You’ll easily spot the walking dead horror house because it stands out in the eastwood central plaza. While we were in line, you can already hear the intense screaming in the horror house. it was funny at first though once you get in line your heart will start racing to a maximum because you won’t know what crazy zombie will tug or pull at you inside the horror house.



There were only 3 of us (J., me and R.) and were getting closer and closer to the entrance of the house.  Once inside, everything will be dim and the first zombie will scare you to bits out of nowhere. you will try to escape the hallway full of zombies and you’ll never know when the hell they’d appear because you’re scared outta your mind. J. was tugging my hair and shirt out of horror, i kept squeezing R’s shoulders and R. was helding on to someone infront of her that she didn’t know. after a while though it will sink in that they’re just people like us in human costumes (because that’s what i kept thinking to not scare the hell out of me more!) good thing we were all in a group but we had to be moved and directed to the exit because we were all scared to death. we never bothered to take the #EastwoodTWDhorrorhouse photo because we were gasping for air while laughing all throughout the exit. tumblr_inline_mm2wf2t8Bl1qz4rgp

After that we had dinner to cool ourselves and while recounting the moments since it was all too funny and hilarious.

Though the inside of the house was very claustrophobic and i had a slight moment where i couldn’t breathe so be sure to check The Rules before you enter guys.



Did i scare you through this picture? i look like a ghost. tumblr_inline_mm2wf2p2Pc1qz4rgp

So if you’re bored of trick or treating this halloween why not try out this new thrill seeking experience with your friends and family~

The Walking Dead: Haunted Prison House

Eastwood City Central Plaza

Opens from October 31,2014-November 7, 2014

6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.


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