Cause on Wednesdays I Wear Pink

I can’t seem to let go of pink colors when it comes to clothing like when i found this off shoulder dress at a store recently i instantly fell in love with it. i’ve been looking for this kind of dress for a while now and i’m glad i found it. they were available in 4 different colors: Pink, Light Blue,Black and Beige. i was torn between beige and pink and took me a really long time to choose in the end i chose pinkkkk. tumblr_inline_mjs0b4ee2p1qdlkyg




I admit that the dress is really, really short so i don’t use it for everyday wear. i actually bought this for a formal gathering.


I think i’m not going to outgrow the color pink maybe if i’m 25 years old or 27 i will dislike it. MAYBE. tumblr_inline_miw4wqzggn1qz4rgp




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