Dear 17 year old Naomi

I remember when this trend started i wanted to write one back then but my former blog was never consistent in posting because it was full of reblogs. lol, yes tumblr. now you guys know why i moved here.

Moving on, since i just turned 21 last friday i thought wow i’am getting old! nooooooo!~ but seriously, when i realized i was 21 already,  i started reflecting back on my teenage years (wow i feel old saying that) i became quite nostalgic and then realized that i’m getting older and wiser because of the challenges and experiences i encountered. now that i’m 21 i hope to learn new things, be bold, challenge myself and make good decisions.

So here goes,


Dear 17 year old Naomi,

At 17, you’re going back to college again, you’ll have your goals set and other things perfectly planned. unfortunately you’ll never follow any of them because of a few set backs one is distraction, the other is love. you’re going to learn things the hard way from friendships to love. you’ll learn that friends come and go, it will hurt but i promise you, you’ll meet a group of friends soon that will like you for who you are, they are going to be the best friends you’ll ever meet so don’t ever let them go.

You’ll experience love, finally! although it is the kind of love that you will take for granted, you’ll both have a lot of things in common but you’re never sure of him. he’ll be the one that got away,he’ll be the one that you’ll secretly regret. he’s going to linger in your head and mess your thoughts for the whole 17th year of your life and no matter how many times you try to avoid him he comes back at the perfect time. he’s like a drug, you know he’ll hurt you yet you still consume him. in the end your relationship with him will never be defined.

Fear not, you will get a boyfriend! he’ll be the one that you least expected. he’s going to be the guy that is describe by those tumblr quotes you read about, the kind of guy who’s loving, caring, loyal and trustworthy. keep him, don’t ever let him go.

There are times where you’ll lose hope but there’s inspiration in the little things that you see everyday and that will give you motivation. I wish that you’ll be open to the endless possibilities and opportunities that come to you. don’t isolate and lock yourself up just because you’re scared of being hurt again. trust me,you will do things that you never know you could and i’am proud of that. with every work you make, you will keep moving forward.






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