The 1975 Live in Manila 2015

Last year, The band threw a free concert by doing mall shows as a way of introducing themselves here in the Philippines. But now, They’re playing at SM Mall Of Asia Arena the biggest event venue in Manila (Matty comments about the Arena: “This is a big f*cking place. I’m really tired,”). I think it’s definitely a huge jump for them since MOA Arena is one of the biggest venue The 1975 has ever played.


But before that, I will show you pictures of the Meet & Greet (lol yes we went there, loyal fan here).

 1975 20156

Matty looks emotionally exhausted I seriously hope they take a break soon. .a pretty long vacation since they’ve been touring a lot.

1975 20157

I went to the concert with my bestfriend I. since the concert isn’t starting yet I. decided that we use the Starbucks gift cert. I gave her. tumblr_inline_mjs0b4ee2p1qdlkyg Aww.. For the names we planned that we should put John Waugh & Matty’s name on the cup. It was hilarious because at first we got nervous doing it. We thought it was a crazy idea but the barista didn’t mind since she said that some people already did that before us.


She got The 1975 wrong though :))

1975 20151

Before the show. . .that crowd tho. whoever is organizing this, you guys shouldn’t put chairs infront of the stage since it’s a concert. An indie rock concert where people would rather stand.


Taking selfies before the concert starts


Met new mates at the concert!

After the guys came out people went wild and started cheering. Our aisle was already filled with a lot of people.


Please put your phones away. I want to see your faces, not your phones.” – Matt Healy

This was actually my favorite part, Matty asked to put down our phone so we could connect with him. I was so glad he said that since I couldn’t see a damn thing without a smartphone recording or taking pictures. I also remembered seeing a quote on twitter where Matty said “Why the hell would you record a video when in the end it’s all blurry and crappy”. I was trying to find the quote, if anybody finds it let me know~  tumblr_inline_mjs0bfOWcn1qdlkyg

1975 20153

1975 20152

1975 20154

1975 20155

I couldn’t take a picture of John! They were all so blurry, I fail you John Waugh. D:

Other than that, The concert was hella amazing! They are really awesome LIVE! I kid you not! Being a fan of them since 2013, i’m so proud to see these guys become successful as the years go by and i’m happy that they treat the Philippines as their second home. They’re releasing their album on July and I can’t wait!

I love you guys! x


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