Thoughts on Josie Rizal: New Tekken 7 Filipina Character

A new Tekken 7 character is unveiled and she is a filipina! her name is Josie Rizal, Katsushiro Harada the producer of Namco Bandai says that the name is modeled from Jose Rizal.

I was very excited when i heard about it i think i’m gonna use her more aside for Lili.

I was actually expecting this kind of thing since i noticed that while playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 it has a Philippine stage background.



Coastline Sunset

Click the link for more pictures~ tumblr_inline_mjs0bfOWcn1qdlkyg

I like that her fighting style is Filipino Martial Arts this makes me more excited!


Josie Rizal wears a long sleeve yellow crop top embroided with filipino designs, a two colored mini skirt red, and blue which resembles the Philippine flag and traditional filipino accessories. many people are actually debating about her outfit well, i think since it’s a game and guys play it female characters have to be visually appealing. maybe, Tekken 7 will have a customize option where you can change Josie’s clothing or when you beat a certain rank then she can have a new filipino clothing. . . that isn’t too revealing?

I don’t like that she can only speak english, i wish they made her speak tagalog seeing as it’s our native tongue. how cool would that be? i imagine her saying “Humanda ka!” , “Dudurugin kita!” and all that. but seeing as how filipinos also speak english and consider it as an official language, it’s not so bad.

What do you guys think?


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