Who Let The Dogs Out at Barkin Blends Dog Cafe: Review

My boyfriend invited me to this place with his friends, i’ve been meaning to go here before because I saw an article about it when I was digging through the internet about restaurants and cafe’s teehee. I’am actually not a dog person though, I do adore cute and fluffy creatures like puppies! Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe is the first ever Dog Cafe in the Philippines. So cool right? For those who don’t know what a dog cafe is, It’s a cafe. . .with dogs. lol that was a stupid explanation but yeah it is. The main attraction of the cafe is the dogs where you can play, pat and have goofy selfies with them. We went there on a sunday so the place was really crowded.

The cafe is separated in two sides, the ‘Humans Only’ side is where you enjoy your drinks and food on the table and the ‘Dog zone’ where you can play and have fun with the dogs. The Human zone was pretty small which was okay to me since the main attraction here are the dogs. Their menu for foods and drinks is pretty affordable ranging from P60.00 – P180.00. I like how their menu names were really clever and amusing. They combined the name of the dogs with food names. There are also cupcake decorated with faces of the dogs there!


When we got in we immediately paid P180.00 which was the entrance to the Dog zone for 2 hours, inclusive of free drinks. Yep, we were pretty excited for it. At first you’re going to be the human that will stand outside the dog zone sliding door because of the many people. You will think “I WANT TO GO IN THERE! WHERE DOGGIES AND FLUFFY ANIMALS ARE! OH THAT CUTE RETRIEVER, OMG THAT HUSKY! I CANNOT!” but then they’ll tell you that you have wait and get in there after 15 or 30 mins or so because of the many people. le cryyy tumblr_m9gcke9CKA1qzckow  even though you have to wait a little while it’s going to be really, really worth it! After the 30 minute wait we finally get to go in!~  Their dog zone was full of different breeds from the most lovable Golden Retriever to the cute and adorable Yorkshire Terrier.


When we got there the dogs were pretty tired though. I think they should have an hour of rest for socializing with people like when Skye the Siberian Husky was pretty much poofed out and just wanted to sleep but then this little dog Ella who is a Chiweenie kept disturbing Skye. It was so cruel of em but it was so cute that it made Skye chase Ella around. Most of the dogs that day were chasing Ella around because she was so playful and kept licking and chasing other dogs. I really think that she’s the scrappy doo of that place. The staff are also very attentive to the dogs needs. For those who have sensitive noses like me, the dog zone doesn’t smell very much. They don’t have that strong doggy smell.


 IMG_20150412_183636 IMG_20150412_183632

My favorite was Milo and Booster tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp

20150412_173604 20150412_172418

Milo the Yorkshire Terrier tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow


and Bonnie tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow


I didn’t have a proper picture with Booster because this little guy usually wants to wriggle out tumblr_m9gckikmxf1qzckow

Okay, so I like all the little dogs there!

I think Blendin’ Barks is suited for Dog lovers at heart or for those wants to just relax, bond with friends and families.

I really had a lot of fun here and will definitely come back for a visit REALLL SOON!

Barkin’ Blends

J&R Concon Center, 91 Rosa Alvero Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City


2 thoughts on “Who Let The Dogs Out at Barkin Blends Dog Cafe: Review

  1. Aww they are really cute. I always get scared with caffees that have animals, in case the animals are mistreated or abused. But if they can make sure that the dogs safety and wellbeing are above the goal of profit it should run well.

    • Yes, they are it makes me want to have a dog >_<
      hmm, i think the dogs are handled pretty well, the staff are really attentive and the trainers really take care of the dogs. they seem to be pretty close too.

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