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When summer vacation starts i have a tradition to unplug myself out of social media. i don’t go to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr except for instagram or my blog. . .

Anyway, the point is i’m always online because of school works. technology made communication easier. we need Facebook for our school announcements and all that jazz.it’s intriguing yet scary that we have been overtaken by technology. you can’t go out without seeing a person playing a game on a smartphone or without someone stopping to take a group selfie. we don’t actually need a telephone anymore because phone calls are awkward, at least for me. our smartphone is the most valuable thing we have right now, aside for pizza,nutella,internet, wi-fi, playstation and ipod.

I think, it’s actually bad, well no not bad. . .it’s like we should limit ourselves to this kind of thing.  you shouldn’t forget to unplug, go out, communicate with actual people and experience things. there’s a 10% chance that your friends who are usually online are going to kill you because you’re not replying to them like my friends are, but hey you see them all the time so why not invite them? Go to a cafe, a movie, roadtrip, anything! because that tweet, like and share are still gonna be there when you come back from your digital detox week/day.

There’s a ton of things to do rather than being online like,

– Write on a Journal

– Make Art

– Take classes that you ACTUALLY want to learn

– Bake cookies like Taylor swift

– Go to karaoke like Katy Perry and belt out that Mariah Carey song

– Read a book, an actual book. not an e-book.

– Invite your friends to go out

– Dance to songs you like and let all that vent up emotions out

or write them down in your diary, don’t just mindlessly put them on twitter or facebook where everyone can see it because frankly they don’t care.

– Watch a Movie

– Learn a new Hobby/Skill

-Actually spend time with your family, since when was the last time you actually had a conversation with them?

Instead of just complaining on why does this certain user on tumblr is so good at drawing and photography, why don’t you actually get your butt out off that swirly computer chair and look for classes/hobbies about it.

There are also benefits when you unplug too! it reduces your stress level, anxiety, depression and many more social anxieties.

There’s a lot of things to do that you shouldn’t miss out just because you’re always online. try to unplug for a day and see what happens. good luck! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Unplug

  1. It is always great to take a bit of time and appreciate life around you. To remember that we can function without technology. I recently decided to turn notifications off on my phone for social networks, so that I would have some ‘space’ and decide to check them in my own time, not be constantly reminded. xD

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